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Run and shoot, this is the concept. But behind this one there is a story. Paul Westhead is the coach of the basketball team of Loyola Marymount University, a private college based in Los Angeles. We are at the end of the ‘80s and the Lions coach invents a game system that requires its players to shoot as soon as possible trying to punish the lazy defense of the opponents. Without the ball, however, the Westhead Boys have to press full court to recover possession in the shortest possible time. And then... shoot! This idea generates exorbitant scores and also brings heavy victories. For three consecutive years, Lions qualify for the prestigious NCAA tournament, and in 1990 they lost access to the Final Four against future champions of Arkansas. It is the highest point reached by Loyola Marymount University in the history of its basketball program. It is the triumph of an idea. It is the triumph of the Run’N’Gun.

is born on the basketball court. It has the soul of playground, the strong smell of the battle and the livid color of the hits under the backboard. It has not a cotton net. It would like to have the metal one but he’s satisfied with the naked rim. To attack it, always and anyway. Dress Run’N’Gun means to be part of a community. Recognizable. And in this community there is only one rule:
Ball doesn’t lie. Never.